Inception and Vision

A quarter-century ago, a vision was born. CERASORB® emerged from the minds of dedicated scientists and researchers, driven by a noble goal – to revolutionize the way bones heal. The vision to create a synthetic bone graft that would not only match the mechanical properties of real bone but also accommodate the body’s natural healing processes while rebuilding bone for each individual patient. This ambitious goal laid the foundation for what would become a transformative product in the field of regenerative medicine.

From its humble beginnings as a concept, it has evolved into a comprehensive product line that includes granules, collagen foam composites, flowable paste and silicated granules to further improve bone growth. With each iteration, curasan has harnessed cutting-edge research and innovation to enhance CERASORB’s performance and efficacy, setting new benchmarks in synthetic bone graft technology worldwide.

CERASORB’s journey has been fueled by rigorous clinical research studies reaffirming its effectiveness. Key clinical evaluations have not only validated its ability to promote bone regeneration but also showcased groundbreaking findings that have advanced the understanding of bone healing. CERASORB® continues to be considered the benchmark synthetic bone graft standard in the market worldwide. More than 2 million vials of CERASORB® have been used with great success with distribution in over 50 countries worldwide. CERASORB® is a well-documented product with more than 200 studies and articles worldwide. From orthopedic surgeries to dental applications, CERASORB’s impact on patient outcomes has been a driving force behind its continued development.


  • 1997 - CE Certification of CERASORB® in dentistry and maxillofacial surgery
  • 1998 - Start of clinical studies with CERASORB®
  • 2002 - FDA clearance of CERASORB® in orthopedics and traumatology
  • 2003 - Product launch of CERASORB® Ortho in the USA
  • 2004 - Product launch of CERASORB® M
  • 2012 - Product launch of CERASORB® Paste
  • 2014 - Product launch of CERASORB® Foam in the dental sector
  • 2018 - FDA clearance for CERASORB® Ortho Foam in the USA
  • 2022 - Product launch CERASORB® CPC Bone Void Filler in orthopedics
  • 2023 - Product launch CERASORB® Bioactive in the dental sector

Historical Data & Looking Ahead

As we celebrate this milestone, we will let the numbers speak for themselves –more than 2 million of units of CERASORB® have been used in various surgeries, spanning numerous countries, and serving diverse surgical indications. The evolution of CERASORB’s product line, from foam to paste, silicate and other granule variants, is a testament to curasan’s dedication to meeting evolving medical needs. And as we look to the future, exciting plans for research and development promise even more innovations that will shape the next chapter of CERASORB’s legacy.

Gratitude to Stakeholders

To the dedicated team of scientists, researchers, healthcare professionals, partners, and patients – this celebration is as much yours as it is ours. Your trust, dedication, and support have been the driving force behind CERASORB’s success, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude for being part of this incredible journey.

As we step into the future, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of innovation, pushing boundaries, and redefining what is possible in regenerative medicine.

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