A Fusion of Science and Innovation

Introduction to CERASORB® Bioactive

In the world of dental biomaterials, the pursuit of innovation drives the quest for solutions that promote effective bone regeneration while ensuring patient safety and satisfaction.

One such product making waves in the field is CERASORB® Bioactive – a resorbable, pure-phase
β-tricalcium phosphate matrix infused with 4% silicate. This ceramic biomaterial
offers benefits in filling, bridging, and reconstructing bone defects in dental

CERASORB® Bioactive

Resorbable silicated β-tricalcium phosphate ceramic

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Understanding CERASORB® Bioactive

The Science Behind The Solution

At the core of CERASORB® Bioactive lies its unique composition – a non-organic, porous, biocompatible ceramic material meticulously engineered for optimal performance.

Infused with a reinforced silicate formulation, this advanced biomaterial naturally resorbs and remodel into bone within 4-6 months, ensuring seamless integration with the host tissue.

The Foundation of Regeneration

Features & Benefits

Reinforced Silicate Formulation: The incorporation of 4% sodium magnesium silicate within the interstitial sites of the β-tricalcium phosphate crystal lattice ensures unparalleled mechanical stability, laying the foundation for efficient bone regeneration.
Interconnected Porosity: With 75% interconnected porosity, CERASORB® Bioactive offers an expansive surface area for vital tissue and cell structures to remodel into host bone, facilitating faster bone regeneration.
Irregular Granule Shape: The irregularly shaped granules not only enhance mechanical stability but also promote vascularization by creating space between granules, fostering an environment conducive to tissue ingrowth.
Radiopacity: CERASORB® Bioactive's radiopacity provides ease of visualization during the remodeling process, allowing clinicians to monitor progress with precision and confidence.


• Sinus lift
• Socket and ridge preservation
• Periodontal defects
• Horizontal and vertical augmentation
• Implant bed preparation
• Alveolar ridge reconstruction
• Cystic defects

Proven Performance in Practice

Clinical Insights: Evidence of Excellence

In clinical settings, CERASORB® Bioactive has demonstrated efficacy in promoting bone regeneration, with its composition facilitating natural resorption and remodeling. The faster resorption compared to its counterparts underscores its efficiency in excellent healing process while ensuring predictable outcomes.

Conclusion: A New Product in Dental Regeneration

The Future of Dental Healing

CERASORB® Bioactive offers a potent combination of biocompatibility, mechanical stability, and accelerated bone regeneration. With its innovative formulation and versatile applications, this resorbable ceramic material can be an advantage in the success of dental implantology, giving clinicians confidence to address bone defects with precision.